Elite Contractors, Inc.

Professional and Licensed Concrete and Masonry Contractor in Oak Grove, MN

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Licensed, Insured, & Certified

Licensed, insured, and certified masonry and concrete contractors in the state of Minnesota.

MN LIC BC #638990

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Honesty & Communication

We value honesty and integrity within all aspects of our business and we maintain open, thorough, and professional lines of communication with all of our customers and clients.

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Free Estimates

Get in touch with us to receive a free estimate or consultation regarding your project.

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Decades of Experience

Over 32 years of experience.

Licensed and Certified Concrete and Masonry Contractor in Anoka County, MN

Elite Contractors Inc is a full-service, licensed, and insured masonry and concrete contractor business servicing in Oak Grove, MN, and surrounding Minnesota areas. Established in 2007, President Ron Johnson and his team at Elite Contractors has been working in the concrete industry since 1989. Since then, Ron has had the opportunity to work with thousands of satisfied customers. Unlike most masonry contractors, Ron is fully licensed by the State of Minnesota and is certified by the rigorous standards of the ACI (American Concrete Institute).

We are a general contractor, home builder, commercial and residential Concrete and Masonry Contractor serving in Anoka County, MN, and surrounding Minnesota areas. With over 32 years of industry experience, Elite Contractors specializes in decorative concrete and masonry, civil work for major contractors, and more. Get in touch with us to receive a free estimate or consultation for your commercial or residential project in Minnesota today.

A word from our owner

“There is more to concrete than just raw labor. It has always been my goal to understand the science of concrete, to understand what makes some concrete better than others. That is why I sought out the coveted ACI certification. I feel this puts me light years above my competition. I understand how concrete works and how to achieve its optimum performance. I think my customers appreciate this too. It is my goal to provide high-quality services through my decades of professional experience while providing top of the line customer service.” – Ron Johnson, President of Elite Contractors, INC.

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